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Birth Photography with a Mission

When it comes to giving birth, the easier it can be, the better, right? That’s where I come in! My goal is to make sure this incredibly important day is not only documented, but also supported, held, and cherished for years to come. This day is all about you, your family, and your baby!

I learned the hard way how important it is to have someone there who’s sole responsibility is you and your photos. Trust me, these images are vital; not just for looking back at what a badass you were, but also for mentally processing this huge thing you just did! Relive your beautiful birthing day with images that tell a story– not just for you, but for your baby too.

Hi, I’m Cait!

I’m a birth nerd and photography lover. I’m covered in tattoos, my hair is always changing, and I love board games! When I’m not working, I’m probably in my home gym, outside with my kids, reading, or snuggling with my doggos. I also like to sew and draw and I’m teaching myself to play the guitar.

See what past clients have to say about Cait!

“Cait tells a story through her photography. She captured my birth beautifully and was so helpful during it.
Quick to offer a helping hand, but never missing a shot.
It was like she was there, but wasn’t and I’m thankful she was.
I get to look back at that amazing experience and recall it by every detail because of her work.
Apiary photography is guarantee to deliver!”
-Brittani G.

“Cait was absolutely amazing! She went above and beyond for my birth.
She is extremely knowledgeable and super supportive. Not to mention extremely talented!
She captured all the raw moments that I wanted and came with her awesome bag of tricks!
Her work is invaluable. She completed that circle of women I felt I needed by my side 100 %.
I felt extremely supported by her! Highly recommended!”
-Ciara C.

“Apiary Photography, Cait Sumner, did such a beautiful job!!
Unfortunately, I texted her too late to witness my actual birth,
but she responded immediately and was at my house within 20 minutes.
She was quiet, peaceful, and calm,
and was great with my 2 year old who woke up very confused to crying in the bathroom.
I will cherish these photos forever!”
-Genevieve M.

“Cait was amazing! She did a great job protecting my birthing space while also getting beautiful photos in the process.
Birth is so intimate and Cait did a fabulous job respecting that intimacy and capturing it at the same time.
Highly highly recommend.”
-Susan G.

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Your Family is Unique

“Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” 
-James Baldwin

I welcome and support ALL types of families and birth stories.
It’s important to me to maintain an LGBTQ-friendly and transgender safe space. I also offer a limited number of discounted birth bookings per year for those who need assistance.

COVID-19 Update

Apiary Photography is still operating through the pandemic.
I am dedicated to the health and safety of my clients.
I always wear a mask for sessions and meet and greets and stay within the social distancing guidelines.
Additionally, my camera and all equipment is disinfected after sessions. My doula training allows me to attend your birth as an additional support person.
In addition, as of 5.18.21, I will be fully vaccinated.

Apiary Photography is located in Aldan, PA and provides birth photography and doula services for birthing families in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas.